Facials: All facials are personalized to your skin type with the most advanced skin care products and provide deep, pore cleaning with extractions.

  • Euro $100
 Our most popular! This one hour, customized facial is a classic; designed to revitalize your skin. Your senses will be heightened by the essence of aromatherapy during your décolleté, shoulder, arms and hand massage. (Add Foot and Leg Massage ~ Pure Ultimate add $10)
  • Radiancy Microcurrent Treatment $115 This Microcurrent treatment focuses on restoring the tone of the skin and muscles of the face & neck by employing microcurrent at a controlled intensity setting.
  • Youthful Repair Mini Facial $70
    A quick, 40 minute, repairing facial designed to restore a youthful complexion.
  • Teens and Tweens Facial $50    Helps clear the bacteria causing congestion within pores. Fights even the toughest Acne.
  • 4 Layer Facelift $110   High doses of Vitamin C penetrate deeply to tighten skin slackening. Glycolic Acid exfoliates the epidermis while gentle but highly active enzymes speed up cellular turnover. These Pharmaceutical Grade ingredients immediately drench the skin to tighten, lighten and brighten. This is intensely hydrating.
  • O2 Lift $110  Using oxygen, plant-derived stem cells, peptides and specifially concentrated enzymatic botanicals, the O2 Lift delivers a premium spa experience with immediate results.

Power Repair

  • RS2  Facial—$100  Green Tea and French Rose soothe sensitive and reddened skin. Formulated to treat Rosacea, blotchiness and irritability.
  • Luminous “C” & Sea—$100   Vitamin C and Seaweed repair and rebuild. Reduces fine lines and firms dull, aged skin.


Chemical Peels $125: Formulated to resurface the epidermis, smooth fine lines, diminish skin discoloration and stimulate collagen. These are up-graded treatments which includes extractions. Please call ahead for Chemical Peel appointments. Unless I have worked on your skin previously, I will not perform a peel as a first time treatment.

  • Gylcolic Acid for Anti-Aging or Acne ~ Alpha Hydroxy Acids to slough dead cells
  • Salicylic Acid for Oily Skin or Cystic Acne ~ Beta Hydroxy Acid accelerates cell turnover and suppresses oil production